Conference booklet designed to be easy to read for the visually impaired
Large Text booklet design
Booklet designed for easy reading by the visually impaired.

HDC, the office of the Health & Disability Commissioner commissioned Forge to design a conference proceedings booklet for their 2015 “How do we raise the volume of the unheard voice?” conference. The focus of the conference was “…. to work towards HDC’s vision for consumers at the centre of services, by ensuring that we include consumers whose voices are not always heard.” It was not specifically targeted at visually impaired people but given the focus and role of HDC part of the brief was to demonstrate best practice when designing booklets so that they can be more accessible to visually impaired people. As such the booklet was designed throughout using Sans Serif fonts with noting under 12point. All text heavy pages were left aligned not justified. Italics were only used to denote website addresses. We took special care to always maintain high contrast between the background and the text, never putting text over shaded backgrounds or images. We also used traditional Caps not using CAPs unless it was part of a company’s logo.

HDC were so happy with the work we did on the Conference booklet we also designed two booklets for HDCs Mental Health and Addictions team following the same best practice design philosophy. When someone you care about has a mental health or addiction issue Oranga Ngākau

Forge also designed Braille Business cards for HDC staff that utilized clear heat raised printing rather than embossing for the braille. This allowed them to meet both the needs of the blind and the aesthetic needs of the client.