Shining the light for Signify.

How we help light the way for Signify’s trade and retail markets.


So many ways to see the light.

Hue personal wireless lighting is changing the way people view lighting for their home, indoors and out. We’ve worked closely with Signify to make multi-coloured splashes wherever eyeballs alight. Material includes product packaging, brochures, banners and large format interactive displays.

Giving people room to play.

“Play With Light”, the sign says. And that’s exactly what people can do with this nifty little room we created on a high foot traffic area at Auckland’s Viaduct Basin. The room features a range of Hue lighting products that passersby can operate using a remote-control device firmly affixed to the window.


A beacon for the trade.

We’ve been creating some enlightening material for the trade too, including data sheets, point of sale, tactical promotions and targeted marketing.


Time to enlighten your target markets?