Putting a fresh perspective on engineering.

How we helped Mulcahy promote the partnership angle to their clients and prospects.


The argument’s black and white.

How do you create more impact with your collateral? Take away the colour.

Okay, we did make judicious use of Mulcahy’s brand blue as well, but you see what we mean.


Imagery that strikes the perfect balance

Mulcahy is all about enabling innovation. They achieve this by collaborating closely with their clients, and then putting their in-house technology and skills to work to provide the right solution. The imagery we’ve created demonstrates this productively positive partnership between people and capabilities.

How to show a thought.

An idea is just that. An idea. Mulcahy can make it real, as the use of spot UV on the cover of their profile clearly demonstrates.

Mulcahy Company Portfolio Design

Videos to help move the audience.

We created a series of videos that displayed each and every one of Mulcahy’s capabilities – from intensive close-ups of laser cutters to swooping drone shots of buildings and trucks.

Time for a meeting of minds?