Packaging Design That Speaks Volumes

Range of packaging designs for cooked duck.

Think of a shopping aisle – any shopping aisle. Now try to picture all of the products in that aisle shamelessly flaunting their packaging design and labels in an effort to attract the strolling shopper.

You know your product has what it takes to make people happy. But when you’re competing against a cast of thousands, how do you ensure your packaging design is the one that catches the consumer’s eye first?

That’s where Forge Creative comes in.

We design product packaging that cries out “Pick Me!” loud and clear to your target markets.

It’s not just an off-the-rack offering. Before our team of designers put their creative caps on, we sit down with you to clearly identify what it is that makes your product so special – and who it makes it special to.

Once we know all that, we come up with packaging design and catchy phrases that reflect all those wonderful brand attributes, builds desire among your target markets and most importantly, drives them to choose your product ahead of all those other guys.

So let’s talk about how innovative packaging and labeling design can help your products take ownership of all those crowded shopping aisles out there. (By the way, if you’re not 100% clear about your brand values, we can help there too).


Speirs is a successful Kiwi company based in Marton (between Palmerston North and Wanganui). Our brief was to develop packaging for their range of pre-made salads sold through Countdown. It included coming up with a brand and look and feel that reflected the natural, down-to-earth Kiwi roots of the business. A key consideration was that the labeling could be applied by hand to clear plastic containers and allow consumers to see the product beneath.

Packaging that Forge designed for Speirs Italian Pasta. Shows off the new Speirs logo and has a cut away window that reveals the pasta salad inside the beautiful packaging design.
Range of packaging designs for cooked duck.


The client imports succulent pre-cooked duck from China. Our brief was to create a brand name and packaging that conveyed a sense of rural New Zealand – all nice and natural. At the same time the packaging design needed to spark the shopper’s culinary inspiration and show just how easy it is to make a mundane meal magnificent by using pre-cooked duck.


You can’t get more Kiwi than a creamy Pavlova (despite what the Aussies claim). Elite Foods, a Blenheim-based food producer, makes Pavlovas and meringues (and all sorts of other yummies) – all you need to do is add the whipped cream and toppings of your choice. Our brief was to come up with a brand name that conjured up images of classic home baking (you know, the kind your Nana used to do). The look and feel of the packaging and website followed the theme.

Packaging design for Southern Kitchen by Forge Creative.