You searched brochure or catalogue design to get here.

That’s good – because we design brochures and catalogues.

Yes, it’s a digital age. But research has shown that there are still people out there who prefer to refer to printed brochures and catalogues before making a final purchasing decision.

These people have money and aren’t afraid to use it.

At Forge, we have designers and copywriters who are old enough to remember what goes in to making an effective brochure or catalogue. They know many of the tried and true tricks (plus a few new ones) that will draw your prospect in to your printed piece, hold them there, and gently lead them to do whatever it is you want them to do.

As a nod to the wonders of digital, many of the brochures and catalogues that we design for print, can also be used as part of a website or an EDM campaign.

We can handle the whole process for you, from the initial concept through to print (including advice on the type of print stock will best reflect your message) and delivery of the final printed piece, to whatever location or locations you want.

So whether you’re after a simple DLE, an extensive catalogue, a profile or an annual report, we have the experience to make sure what you get, gets read. Let’s talk.

Want to put our thinking to work for you?