5 ways to build your brand value.

Here are some ways you can build that valuable value into your brand.

1. Create a wonderful customer experience.

If you’re selling products (especially online), make it easy for customers to buy from you. Speed and convenience are key.

If the simple act of making a purchase becomes too complex, people will start looking elsewhere. And back it all up with a good customer service team.

2. Understand who your target audience is.

That way you’ll know what to say to them. Know their needs and appeal to those needs, both in terms of products and services, and how you promote those products and services. Don’t just talk about product features in your ads (or on your website); push the benefits that tap into your customers’ emotions.

Knowing your audience helps you to target your communications more effectively too. Instead of casting a wide net, channel your marketing to where your target audience lives.

3. Be remarkable (and tell everyone).

This is where you identify the big benefits of your product or service and make a really big deal of them. The happiest employees. The most innovative thinkers. The best customer service. The biggest range.

Focus on the superlatives. It’ll build a stronger brand value and help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Maintain a consistent tone of voice.

Like your brand values, your tone of voice needs to stay the same.

Using the same tone, language and opinions across your various market touchpoints (from the way employees speak to customers, to the way your website talks to customers) eliminates confusion about what your brand is all about – and helps your audience to bond with you.

5. Keep your design to a high standard.

People are visual creatures. They’ll determine whether your brand is valuable or not by what they see.

You may be a small business, but using a strong, visual branding system can make it seem more powerful and create a whole lot of positive messages in your audience’s mind.

On the other hand, bad design can destroy your brand value. And all that other hard work you’ve done to build your brand will go down the drain.

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