Creating a more comfortable environment.

The Kari Centre (part of the Auckland District Health Board) is a mental health Community Centre for infants, children and teenagers. They were awarded a budget to upgrade their facilities and turn a space that was still locked in the seventies into an environment that’s soothing, professional, inspiring and fun. Our job was to create wall murals for the hallways, reception areas and seventeen therapy rooms.

The design brief came with a unique set of challenges. The murals had to be visually striking without being too stimulating. The designs needed to appeal to infants, children, teenagers and their parents (it was vital that no one group was alienated). And it needed to be sensitive to a broad range of cultures.

Our solution was to feature native birds in their natural environments, using a fashionable (yet timeless) polygon illustrative style. It ticked all the boxes. The new rooms have received great feedback from children, their parents and staff.

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