Implementation of SEO services on your website is an on-going process. Keep up SEO on your website to stay ahead of the crowd.



Everyone wants to show up in Google. Especially on page 1 of course! That in itself is a problem because there are only 10 places on page 1 of search results – so whoever ranks 11th or lower is probably not going to get seen. Effective SEO services implemented on your website will help your site rise in rankings. At Forge, our aim is to get you onto page 1 or Google’s search results page ‘organically’. Organic ranking is about gaining the top placements in Google without having to pay for every time someone clicks on your listing, so investing in getting organic ranking is cost effective and provides the best longer term benefits to your business.


At Forge, we’ve made sure our knowledge of SEO services is up to date and relevant for the latest changes in Google. Our understanding of the latest criteria to get your website ranking well is a significant advantage over many other service providers still stuck in their old ways of doing things. The way search engines like Google regard your website has undergone fundamental changes, so much so that many websites that used to be on page 1 disappeared from those prime spots entirely. Choose Forge as your SEO services provider to get and stay ahead of your competitors. Our SEO work is 100% Google Hummingbird, Google Panda & Google Penguin compatible.

information graphic showing how long before you should expect to see results from your SEO


Implementation of SEO services on your website is an on-going process. Just as we can be making improvements for your site, so could your competitors on theirs. We recommend testing and measuring during at least a 3 month period to get a good idea of what is working well, and identify other opportunities along the way. Many websites already come with some kind of data measurement package, or we can install Google Analytics to measure and fine tune the implementation of SEO services on your site to ensure it’s headed in the right direction for the long term.


Understanding what words to use in your website is the most important first step before any SEO services are implemented. At Forge, we focus on helping you establish strong referring keywords and phrases to make sure the visitors to your website are ready to do business with you.  Effective SEO services depend entirely on a high level of understanding of language and word use. Keyword research is also the cornerstone of Google Adwords paid advertising campaigns, so we regard this part as absolutely fundamental to the success of any online marketing campaign.