Implementation of SEO services on your website is an on-going process. Keep up SEO on your website to stay ahead of the crowd.


Everyone wants to show up in Google. Especially on page 1 of course! That in itself is a problem because there are only 10 places on page 1 of search results – so whoever ranks 11th or lower is probably not going to get seen. Effective SEO services implemented on your website will help your site rise in rankings. At Forge, our aim is to get you onto page 1 or Google’s search results page ‘organically’. Organic ranking is about gaining the top placements in Google without having to pay for every time someone clicks on your listing, so investing in getting organic ranking is cost effective and provides the best longer term benefits to your business.


At Forge, we’ve made sure our knowledge of SEO services is up to date and relevant for the latest changes in Google. Our understanding of the latest criteria to get your website ranking well is a significant advantage over many other service providers still stuck in their old ways of doing things. The way search engines like Google regard your website has undergone fundamental changes, so much so that many websites that used to be on page 1 disappeared from those prime spots entirely. Choose Forge as your SEO services provider to get and stay ahead of your competitors. Our SEO work is 100% Google Hummingbird, Google Panda & Google Penguin compatible.

SEO Ranking results from google


Implementation of SEO services on your website is an on-going process. Just as we can be making improvements for your site, so could your competitors on theirs. We recommend testing and measuring during at least a 3 month period to get a good idea of what is working well, and identify other opportunities along the way. Many websites already come with some kind of data measurement package, or we can install Google Analytics to measure and fine tune the implementation of SEO services on your site to ensure it’s headed in the right direction for the long term.


Understanding what words to use in your website is the most important first step before any SEO services are implemented. At Forge, we focus on helping you establish strong referring keywords and phrases to make sure the visitors to your website are ready to do business with you.  Effective SEO services depend entirely on a high level of understanding of language and word use. Keyword research is also the cornerstone of Google Adwords paid advertising campaigns, so we regard this part as absolutely fundamental to the success of any online marketing campaign.

How to improve website SEO


The old adage of “build it and they will come” doesn’t really work when it comes to creating a website. With SEO you can your target markets by the hand and lead them there.

A smart SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy is one of the ways we link hands with your audience and take them where you want to them to go.

We start off with an audit of your website. We’ll fix all the bugs we find and try to remove any reason google may have to not serve your pages. Once that’s done, we start improving the relevance of your page to the search terms your prospects are using to try and find what you sell.

Next up we’ll start work on improving the rank of your page. We do this by sharing your content as widely as possible on reputable social media and blogging platforms and getting legitimate quality links.

Finally, we’ll recommend additional supporting pages and content that will make your site an authority on your topic relative to your rank competitors.


Search engine optimisation is now probably a bit of a misnomer really. The term comes from processes that were used to ‘optimise’ websites for performance in search engines like Google in the last decade. Nowadays, it’s really more about quality content creation, how that content is displayed and whether or not it provides good value for the people coming to your website. Search engine optimisation is therefore probably new best labelled as website content optimisation. We are experts at creating and optimising content on your website, with the aim of getting your website to show up in top positions in Google.


Often referred to as part of search engine optimisation is ‘conversion rate optimisation’. This involves many of the same methods to create great website content and is essentially about the prompts, navigation and other methods that you build into your website design to get your visitors to do what you want them to do. That might be filling in an enquiry form, downloading a file, or making a purchase. There can be many different kinds of conversions on your site, and we help you identify where the opportunities are to improve the pathway through your website to your goal.


Most of the really powerful ways to get better Google ranking are performed directly on your website pages, but not necessarily in a visible way through content that the website visitor can see. This part of search engine optimisation is called ‘on-page’ SEO and includes improvements or repairs of faulty website code, tagging of images with labels called ‘ALT tags’, writing of META descriptions, spans, optimised texts and much more. Since Google’s algorithm changes in the last couple of years, search engine optimisation depends more heavily on what is in your site, rather than how many links it has. Ask us for a free appraisal of your on-page optimisation.

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Off-page optimisation involves building the popularity of your website through link-building, directory & article submissions, Google Places listings, social media etc. Establishing lots of back-links used to be a large part of the search engine optimisation process, but as Google’s algorithm has changed significantly over the last year or two, the number of links your website has leading to it is not longer the great page-rank winner it used to be. We know which kinds of links provide good value for your site and only build those that have a positive effect. We can also identify which links your site has that could be harming your ranking, and help mitigate their negative effect. Talk to us about which off-page search engine optimisation strategies would be best for your business.


Search engine marketing is not the same as search engine optimisation (SEO). It refers to the overall marketing campaign to get your business exposed to the right people online, and you don’t even have to have a website! (but it helps). At Forge, we have years of marketing experience via different media and are experts at designing, creating and implementing tailored campaigns to help you achieve your business goals. Our Google marketing packages cover all aspects of search engine marketing, including Adwords campaign management, and organic search ranking (SEO Services).


Establishing your mark in the physical world is also part of our search engine marketing portfolio. Every business that invites its customers to visit a physical address should have some kind of marketing campaign running online. More and more people are searching for where to buy what they’re after, or get the services they want, via search engines like Google or online directories. If your ‘bricks and mortar’ business is not showing up when someone does an online search in your local area, then you’re missing out on valuable leads. Forge are experts in establishing and optimising localised search engine marketing campaigns.



Google analytics is one of the most powerful SEO tools at our disposal. Once installed in your website, it starts providing valuable information on visitor traffic, demographics, the kinds of devices used to view your site and much more, but above all, it helps us identify opportunities to improve the business performance of your website. At Forge, we understand how to interpret the vast amount of data from Google and use this to your advantage. It helps us give you informed advice on how to get your website performing better for both search results and business lead conversion.

Google Analytics is a great tool for SEO
Google Search consoile is critical when performing SEO services


This is the essential SEO tool that webmasters and SEO experts use to get websites to show up in Google search, but it isn’t a panacea for bad Google ranking, it helps us accelerate discovery of your website as a whole, new pages or new content at whatever ranking that Google thinks it deserves. If your website doesn’t have engaging content, it will probably get poor ranking in Google, or may not even show up at all. At Forge, we understand how to use this SEO tool to the best advantage of your business, and we use it to figure out when or where to change settings in your website to push your Google ranking in the right direction.


Accurate and objective web ranking tools are part of our SEO tools arsenal. Why do they need to be objective when doing ranking tests? Because many biases creep in when you’re trying to figure out where your website ranks. If you can’t figure out what your objective ranking position is, then you can’t measure if your ranking is improving – and this is the main measure of whether your SEO project is on track. We find that most Google searches end up having some kind of bias included – it’s because Google adjusts search results tailored to you based on what you’ve looked at before, what kind of device you are using to do the search on, or where you’re physically located. Ask us for a free ranking report for your site!

Website rank checking tools used for SEO
Search engine optimisation includes checking the quality and number of backlinks with this simple tool.


This is where examining your website’s performance is measured against global benchmarks. We use backlink and page trust analysis SEO tools to figure out whether your website is deemed to be ‘trusted’ by its audience and by Google. The measure of trust is established by looking at what websites are linking to yours, and whether the audiences of those website are getting some kind of benefit from following that link. How your website is regarded in the market and whether you have quality links or references to your site is called ‘off-page’ SEO. Forge offers off-page SEO services that are compliant with the very latest Google performance requirements.