The idea of “build it and they will come” just doesn’t work! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to get the right people to visit your website.



Search engine optimisation is now probably a bit of a misnomer really. The term comes from processes that were used to ‘optimise’ websites for performance in search engines like Google in the last decade. Nowadays, it’s really more about quality content creation, how that content is displayed and whether or not it provides good value for the people coming to your website. Search engine optimisation is therefore probably new best labelled as website content optimisation. We are experts at creating and optimising content on your website, with the aim of getting your website to show up in top positions in Google.


Often referred to as part of search engine optimisation is ‘conversion rate optimisation’. This involves many of the same methods to create great website content and is essentially about the prompts, navigation and other methods that you build into your website design to get your visitors to do what you want them to do. That might be filling in an enquiry form, downloading a file, or making a purchase. There can be many different kinds of conversions on your site, and we help you identify where the opportunities are to improve the pathway through your website to your goal.

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Most of the really powerful ways to get better Google ranking are performed directly on your website pages, but not necessarily in a visible way through content that the website visitor can see. This part of search engine optimisation is called ‘on-page’ SEO and includes improvements or repairs of faulty website code, tagging of images with labels called ‘ALT tags’, writing of META descriptions, spans, optimised texts and much more. Since Google’s algorithm changes in the last couple of years, search engine optimisation depends more heavily on what is in your site, rather than how many links it has. Ask us for a free appraisal of your on-page optimisation.


Off-page optimisation involves building the popularity of your website through link-building, directory & article submissions, Google Places listings, social media etc. Establishing lots of back-links used to be a large part of the search engine optimisation process, but as Google’s algorithm has changed significantly over the last year or two, the number of links your website has leading to it is not longer the great page-rank winner it used to be. We know which kinds of links provide good value for your site and only build those that have a positive effect. We can also identify which links your site has that could be harming your ranking, and help mitigate their negative effect. Talk to us about which off-page search engine optimisationstrategies would be best for your business.