Phillips Lighting Hue Room Experiential Marketing gave shoppers the ability to play with Phillips Hue lighting in a mock lounge set up in a popular Auckland night spot.
Hue Room was an experiential marketing stratagey that allowed passers by to experience Hue lighting in a mock lounge.
Experiential marketing for Philips Hue lighting in downtown Auckland

The headline on the window of the Philips Hue Room invites visitors to the Auckland Viaduct to “Play With Light”. Thanks to the handy “Hue Tap” that was affixed securely to that same window, they could do just that, using light to create moods that were in turn restful, inspirational or playful.


Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system. The possibilities are endless (it has over 16 million colours). What better way to show off that potential than by creating a sealed off display that replicates an inner city apartment (complete with views of the Sky Tower)?


Which is what we did.


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