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Get Google Ranking by following these steps.


The ‘trick’ to getting great Google ranking is not really a trick at all. It relies almost entirely on building a really good website design. Simple? Possibly not. Our website design services, coupled with our Search Engine Optimisation packages give you the ideal opportunity to get the best possible result, and we take the hassle out of figuring out how to do that yourself. We can also work on websites designed by other companies too, so we’re pretty confident that we can improve your Google ranking no matter what kind of website system you’ve got.


There are many different performance aspects we check to improve your Google ranking. Things like page titles, copy, heading tags, META descriptions, navigation and much more can get quite technical and are often very difficult to implement. We’re totally transparent with the features we check and provide a monthly report on which aspects are in progress, which are completed and which are yet to come. We don’t have contracts for our SEO services, so you can stop using our services any time you like, and you decide what your budget will be. Improving Google ranking is not an overnight process, so we do recommend a 3 month minimum term.

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Organic website ranking in search engine.


Organic Google ranking is the listing you get in Google that you don’t have to repeatedly pay for if someone clicks on it. Which websites end up in which positions in the search results page is determined by Google’s algorithm – which is basically a piece of software that measures the quality of all websites in the world and compares them against each other. There are many factors that Google considers when assigning organic ranking for your website, but they’re mainly associated with whether or not your website has good quality content. At Forge, we know what the latest requirements are for organic Google ranking and will implement SEO based on Google’s quality guidelines.


Our aim is to get our Search Engine Optimisation clients into strong organic Google ranking positions, ideally at the top of page 1 of course! We know that as little as 5% of Google search traffic will go looking beyond the first page of search results, so when we help you identify the right words to optimise in your website, we’ll make recommendations on which ones will give you the best chances of success for the right audience. By getting your website into page 1 it’s possible to dramatically magnify your success. A move from Google ranking position 10 up to position 1 can give about 15 times more visitors for that particular search.

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