Think of Forge as your Digital Marketing “brain”.

Digital Marketing Agency

Yes, your target markets are indeed spending a lot of their time in front of screens big and small. More and more time in fact. So if you want to reach Mr and Mrs Smith (or whoever), you need to hit them where they live. And one of those places has to be Cyber Space. Digital Marketing is the art and science of marketing in cyber space.

The thing is, all that digital landscape has become an overcrowded hunting ground for anyone who wants to sell something.

So how do you get to the top of the digital food chain?

And in an age where consumers can easily switch off, once you actually get your message in front of them, how do you make sure you stay there for the duration? And keep them coming back for more?

The answer is simple. You need an effective digital marketing strategy.

Easy, right?

Well…not quite.

Putting together an effective digital marketing strategy is a bit like Victor Frankenstein trying to put together his creature. You’ve got all the bits for the basic structure, but without a decent brain to slip in at the end, you’ll simply end up creating a monster. You know the sort – one that runs amok, upsets people and ends up being burned at the stake. There goes all your marketing dollars, up in smoke.

Southern Kitchen Website home page designed by Forge Auckland finest Digital Marketing Agency
Mailchimp template designed by Forge for email marketing as part of a wider digital marketing campaign.

Think of Forge as your Digital Marketing “brain”.

We have the skills that make all the difference between creating the perfect creature or a shambling monster – from initial planning, through to implementation, including design, copywriting, content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation smarts – all the good stuff.

What makes Forge different is that we take a holistic view. We just don’t just settle on one component (facebook, say, or adwords). We sit down with you, discuss your objectives and issues, and develop a relevant integrated digital solution (you won’t find any of that off-the-shelf one-plan-fits-all thinking here!).

The final plan could include a mix of one, some or all of the following: Website; social media; remarketing; digital direct marketing; display advertising; adwords, A&B Testing… We even look at relevant market touchpoints beyond the digital space (like print media and experiential marketing) – because, yes, there is still life out there.

So let’s talk about creating your perfect digital marketing plan.

The Forge Way

We’re not selling a product. We’re providing you with a service. We’ll gather a thorough understanding of your issues and objectives and provide creative solutions. We’ll work alongside you every step of the way with dedicated account managers providing detailed reports and holding regular meetings with you. And we’ll always be looking at ways to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing. After all, nothing stays the same in this world – so neither should your digital marketing.